Work Accidents: What do you need to know?

An unintentional injury that has occurred at the workplace or while you are on the job is counted as a work accident.  Injuries related to the person’s line of work are counted as work accidents but the injuries which are not related to the person’s duties are not included.  Some common injuries which are included in or counted as work accidents are as follows:


  • Slip and Fall
  • Injuries caused due to heavy lifting
  • Injuries caused due to falling objects
  • Injuries caused due to falling off to ladders or stairs
  • Vehicle injuries (if you are a delivery person)


Can the damages at the workplace be covered?

At times, a person’s employment policy with the company may cover work-accidents.  The processes for handling accidents may involve interaction with the company and various insurance companies dealing with it.  However, a legal dispute may arise if the employer is not willing to accept or admit fault for the accident.  An instance where such a particular situation may arise is in the case of severe injuries as it might cost the company a lot of money.


What can you do if you have dispute over the work accident?

Several forms of evidence and various documentation is needed if you want to a file claim for work accidents.  Before filing a claim with the court, you may need to:


  • Collect all work-related documentation and information related to your injury like time logs, pay stubs, etc.
  • Include important documentation that shows or notes the date, time, and location of the incident.
  • Intact documents related to your medical treatment like: pharmacy receipts, hospital bills, and medical records. These documents are necessary while to calculate damages.
  • Collect any and all information that is or may be related to your work-accident


Work-accidents are somewhat tricky but you have the right to obtain compensation if you are injured due to somebody else’s negligence.  Contact the Law office of Andrew S. Kasmer, if you need legal counsel or expert representation for a worker’s compensation trial.  Through their incessant efforts, our knowledgeable attorneys will assist you to resolve any of your workers’ compensation related issues.

What should a Worker expect at Worker’s Compensation Trial?

Most of the Workers’ Compensation cases get resolved by settlement. Only the workers’ compensation cases in dispute are needed to be resolved through workers’ compensation trial.  According to an estimate only 5% of the workers’ compensation cases go for a trial.

What to expect at a Workers’ Compensation Trial?

A workers’ compensation trial is referred to as ‘hearing’ but the more accurate term used in case of workers’ compensation is ‘evidentiary hearing.’ The employee needs to provide admissible evidence on the contested issues. And if the employee fails to provide required evidence, there are the chances of losing the case. So the employees should go for pre-trial preparation with the attorney.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the role of an administrative judge is to rule on objections, review the evidence and decide the case or provide ruling after trials. He cannot assist you in preparing or presenting evidence. So you need the help or services on a certified and experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney for:

  • Preparing your evidence
  • Presenting your evidence
  • Explaining the Rules of Evidence

Evidentiary Hearing can further be divided into two categories:

  1. Hardship Hearing: Hardship Hearing is requested by the employee’s attorney when there is a dispute about the medical treatment, payment of temporary total disability benefits or both. Judge usually issues a “temporary or partial award “for hardship hearing; meaning that judge makes ruling on certain issues but case remains on judge’s docket.
  2. Final Hearing: A ‘final hearing’ is an evidentiary hearing requested by either of the parties when all of the medical treatments have been concluded and both the parties have prepared their medical evidence and other expert evidence for the evidentiary hearing.

Decision of Court:

The decision provided by court after the evidentiary hearing is known as ‘award.’ An ‘award’ is similar to a judgement in circuit court. It is called an ‘award’ even if the employee receives no compensation.

What type of evidence is needed to be provided by an employee?

An employee needs to provide the following evidence:

  • Testimonies of the employee and other witnesses
  • Medical evidence including certified copies of medical records and testimonies of doctors
  • Doctor can provide a deposition and testify during hearing
  • Doctor’s reports (if needed)

After the employees have presented the evidence, the employer/insurer will also present its evidence. They also provide medical evidence in the form of certified medical records and/or physician’s testimony. Everything said during the evidentiary hearing is recorded by the court reporter and all the exhibits for identification are marked.

After all the evidence is presented, the judge may allow both the parties a short period of 21 days or less to file ‘briefs.’ ‘Briefs’ are the written statements pertaining to facts and the law and refuting each party’s position as to how the case should be resolved.

The ‘award’ is issued as soon as the administrative law judge has reviewed all the evidence and considered the ‘briefs.’ According to the law, the ‘award’ should be issued within 90 days of the last day of hearing. The award is mailed to the employee, to employer or insurance company, and to all the attorneys in the case. An appeal can be filed on the ‘award’ by any of the party.

Contact Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer, if you need legal counsel and expert representation for workers’ compensation trial. Our dedicated attorneys will offer you aggressive and personalized representation and will help you to get what you deserve.

Do’s and Don’ts after a Car Accident

Being involved in an auto-accident is a very traumatic situation.  Each year, about six million U.S. motorists are involved in motor vehicle accidents.  What is more traumatic than the accident is the acts or things that the victims do and don’t do after a car or motor-vehicle accident has occurred.  So, it becomes important that you not only understand the things you should do but also the things that you should not do in order to protect yourself and to enhance the chances of receiving compensation.

At the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C.,  our proactive and experienced attorneys employ aggressive measures to get you the damages you deserve for the your lost wages, medical bills, and pain & suffering. To strengthen your claim, you need to follow these easy and simple tips:


  • Get medical attention immediately after the accident. Not only is medical attention necessary to detect injuries, it is also important because the medical report serves as a valuable asset for your car-accident claim.
  • Report your accident, to your insurers, within a short period of time. As reporting it too long after the accident can threaten your chances of getting any compensation that you deserve.
  • Keep your conversation brief while talking to the insurers and police, NEVER volunteer any information beyond the essentials and without the counsel of your lawyer.
  • Write down any and all information regarding the witnesses and other drivers involved in the accident, such as their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and anything else that you may notice about them or think is important.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene for additional evidence.
  • File a police report as most insurance companies do not consider car accident cases without a police report worthy of a reasonable settlement.
  • Call an experienced law firm right away because the sooner your case is in the hands of an experienced lawyer, the better your chances of getting accurate compensation.

Just as the things mentioned above are the things you should do after a car accident, there are also things you should not do:

  • Do not immediately admit to any fault or provide statements to the police without the counsel of your lawyer.
  • Do not discuss the car accident at length with your insurers as most of the time they use the victims’ words against them in order to deny their claim.
  • Do not agree to any settlement terms without consulting your attorney.

If you have any additional queries or if you or any of your loved ones have been involved in an auto-accident and you need expert assistance Contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C. Our experienced lawyers will review your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

What are the Injuries and Illnesses Covered under Workers’ Compensation?


Workers’ Compensation often called ‘workers’ comp’ is a type of insurance that is purchased by employers for the coverage of their employees’ employment-related illness and injuries.  While workers compensation is mandated and governed by state law, some of the injuries that it covers will be different from state to state.  But most commonly, any injury that arises “out of the course of employment” i.e. if you are injured or become ill doing something for the benefit of the employer, then your injury is work-related and you are eligible to receive the benefits as long as you meet other eligibility requirements.


Which types of injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation?

Although being eligible for workers’ compensation benefits may seem simple, at times it may get tricky.  The following types of injuries noted below are covered under workers ‘compensation:

  • Company Events:If a worker is injured during special events that are sponsored by the company, such as parties, picnics, baseball or football matches, their injuries are usually covered by workers’ compensation.


  • Travel: If you are injured while travelling (in the course of your job duties?) for your work, then your injuries will probably be covered, but if you are injured while commuting to or from your work, then such injuries are not covered under workers’ compensation. If you are a travelling salesperson and who suffers an injury while driving to meet your client, then this type of injury is covered by workers’ compensation.


  • Repetitive Motion Injuries:These types of injuries are also known as cumulative trauma disorders (CTDS) or repetitive stress injuries (RSIS) because they are caused by repetitive motions of the body, they are the most common type of work-related injuries, and therefore, they are covered under workers’ compensation.


  • Injuries:Illnesses caused to the skin, eye, lungs or any other bodily parts, because of long term exposure to chemical solvents or other toxic and or hazardous solutions on the job, are covered under workers’ compensation.


  • Related Injuries:Illnesses that gradually arise out of work conditions, such as emotional illness or stress-related digestive disorders are recognized by courts and covered under workers’ compensation.  Workers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) after witnessing certain traumatic events are eligible for workers’ compensation.


  • Workers’ Death:Dependents of an employee who is killed on the job or dies due to work related injuries or illness are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.


  • Misconduct:If an injury occurs when you break your office’ safety rules or while doing something that is prohibited by your employer, depending on the level of your misconduct, your injury may still be covered under workers’ compensation.


  • Pre-existing Conditions:If you suffer from certain pre-existing conditions and your job duties have aggravated your condition, then your injury will probably be covered under workers’ compensation.


  • Hearing Loss:People working in noisy environments, such as construction sites or manufacturing plants, often suffer from hearing loss over time.  As long as there is no other obvious reason for such hearing impairment it is covered by workers’ compensation.


Workers Compensation covers most type of employees including:


  • Casual workers
  • Volunteers
  • Independent Contractors
  • Employees of private homes
  • Farmers and farmhands
  • Business owners
  • Maritime and railroad employees


Most of the accidents or injuries that occur at worksites are covered under workers’ compensation, but they can also bring about or cause potential lawsuits.  If your employer is acting in a reckless manner and disputing your workers’ compensation claim, Contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer.  Our dedicated and certified attorneys will evaluate your claim and offer you aggressive and personalized representation.

Why should you hire an Auto-Accident injury attorney?

Being involved or injured in an auto-accident brings along with itself injuries, traumas, and various other intangible issues and worries like who will pay for your damage, loss, and medical expenses, and whether your insurance provider offer you an accurate claim and many more.  In other words, auto-accidents pose financial and emotional, as well as physical stress on you.  So, if you are involved in a motor-vehicle accident and are considering filing a pursuit against the at-fault driver or want to file an insurance claim for your personal and property damage; it is always advisable and wise to hire the services of a skilled auto accident lawyer because:

  • Through their years of experience, an auto-accident lawyer, can deal precisely with settlement cases which includes: assessing your injuries, understanding the work process of insurance companies, deciding your accident claim, etc. Your attorney performs all these tasks orderly and skillfully to get you a higher settlement claim.
  • Auto-accident attorneys are well aware of the insurance companies’ work processes and intentions.  They can negotiate with these companies and the attorneys of at-fault drivers as well, to get you fair compensation for your claim and if necessary or required can represent your case in court. A fair settlement without a lawyer is not possible as insurance companies are intent on paying out the least possible for claims.
  • Most auto-accidents make the victims incapable of performing their daily activities and job responsibilities. So, they have to part with their regular income because of their incapability.  Trained lawyers fight for the victim’s rights and guide them through the whole legal process to get them the fairest claim possible.
  • Only motor-vehicle accident lawyers have a thorough understanding of all the legal processes and necessary documentations so they can gather and present the facts of a case which includes accident details, police reports, statements of the parties involved and other relevant proof as it is required in order to work out a fair settlement for you.
  • An expert auto-accident lawyer can earn you fair and square compensation for your personal injuries, property damage, hospital and medical expenses, lost wages, and various other expenses.
  • Most of auto-accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that they will only get paid if you receive an insurance settlement.
  • Most accident injuries do not go to trial because insurance companies know that the cost of going to trial is always higher than settling with you. Moreover, there is every possibility that the jury will vote in your favor and award you a higher settlement which is more likely to occur with the help of an expert lawyer who is the only one that can use this option to bargain for a higher claim on your behalf.
  • The legal fee of an auto-accident attorney is only a percentage of what is obtained in the recovery of the claim.  So, any victim of an auto-accident injury can hire an attorney regardless of their minimal financial condition.
  • In your initial meeting with an auto-accident attorney you will receive help presenting an accurate and authentic statement to the insurance adjuster. This statement includes detailed information about the accident and how it has affected you.  Any loopholes, misstatements, or omitted information in the statement that you give to the insurance adjuster can be used against you in an effort to lower your claim.
  • Time limitations can lead to the termination of your claim. Lawyers are well aware of these time-limits and the procedures for filing your claim, so they will take the appropriate steps to preserve and shield your rights.
  • The amount of your claim is largely decided upon on the basis of medical opinions and the opinions of other experts. An auto-accident attorney can obtain the opinion of various other experts, such as occupational therapists, vocational consultants, and economists.  The attorney is then able to use the advice of these additional experts in the proof and valuation of claims for your decreased earning capacity and future treatment costs.

Contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C., if you have been injured in an auto-accident and offered an unfair settlement by the insurance company.  Through their relentless efforts, our compassionate lawyers will help you get what you deserve.

Why should the Workers’ Compensation Claimants Hire an Attorney?


Injured workers may often reflect on whether they should hire an attorney to gain their workers’ compensation benefits if the system itself permits them to collect their lost wages, have their medical expenses paid, as well as allowing them access to vocational retraining if it is required.  However, the process involved is not as simple as it seems as the real scene is quite the opposite and complicated as well.  Only the services of an outstanding and proficient workers’ compensation attorney can help you get out of this crucial and tricky situation with the best positive outcome for you.  Such an attorney can help you in various ways which include:

  • An attorney can help you ensure that you inform the court about your medical condition(s), needs, and requirements, in addition to helping you secure the medical benefits and treatment to which you are
  • Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you if your employer denies your claim.
  • A knowledgeable and distinguished attorney can not only inform you of the legal procedures involved, they can also guide you through the claim process by helping you with things such as the submission of required documents within the set time limit and providing the judge with the adequate evidence and documentation to support your claim.  Remember that if these obligations are not entirely and timely fulfilled your claim(s) can be dismissed.
  • An attorney can help you obtain the services of an alternative health provider (i.e.: a provider other than the one assigned by your employer).
  • An attorney can also help accelerate unduly delayed benefits and help you file a complaint regarding unjustified denials.
  • An attorney can help you file a lawsuit against your employer if they demote or dismiss you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.
  • An attorney can also help you gain additional compensation if you are injured through the use of defective tools or products, or if your injury is the result of a third party (someone outside of your employer).
  • An attorney can help you challenge adverse decisions made either by your employer, the employer’s insurance company or your States Workers’ Compensation Division.
  • An attorney can also help you file a case against the employer if they fail to provide you with the modified work environment that is recommended by your doctor or if they harass you after your return to

Contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C., to obtain fair and square compensation for the troubles you face due to your work-related injuries.  Our diligent attorneys put all their effort into victoriously getting you out of this difficult situation of your life.

Workers’ Compensation: Your Rights and Benefits

Workers’ Compensation law was formed to protect injured workers.  Prior to the institution of these laws, industry giants were not required to bear the costs for on the job injuries.  So, Workers’ Compensation laws were created to provide employees with rights to protect themselves in the event of an on the job accident.

As was the case 100 years ago, it is just as important for employees of today to know their rights should they be injured at work.  Failure to know and assert your rights in a timely manner could result in lost benefits, both medical and monetary.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a state required insurance program that provides compensation, medical treatment, and other relief to workers who are injured at work.  Workers’ Compensation benefits are different from state to state because every state has its own set of laws and programs.

Which medical expenses covered under Worker’ Compensation?

Although each state has its own rules and regulations, workers’ compensation laws typically provide the following coverage:

  • Hospital and medical expenses required to diagnose and treat your injuries, which includes doctor visits, medication, and surgery.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, to include job placement, counselling, and retraining.  In certain instances, the various laws also cover education and training required to regain the necessary skills and abilities to return to work.
  • Wage loss in the form of monetary benefits that covers an injured worker’s lost wages while they are recovering from their injuries.
  • Permanency claims for a person whose injuries do not result in a 100% recovery, which is typically a monetary award paid as a result of an accident at work.  This permanency award can be paid in a lump sum or over a period of time depending on the circumstances of the case and the place of accident.
  • Death benefits may be provided to the relatives of an injured worker whose accident results in death.  The financially dependent relatives (spouse, child, parent, or sibling) of a deceased worker whose work-related injury resulted in death may be entitled to reco

Which conditions, injuries, and/or illnesses are covered under Workers Compensation Laws?

Employees may make a claim and receive benefits for the following injuries and illnesses, based upon the location of your accident, some or all of the following may result in benefits:

  • Injuries caused by an accident such as a slip, trip, or fall;
  • Injuries caused due to the overuse or misuse of instruments or machines over a long period of time (repetitive stress injuries or chronic pain from work-related exertion); and
  • Illnesses that gradually arise or result from work conditions (heart diseases, lung diseases, or stress-related problems).

Contact the Law Offices of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C., if you have been injured at work, whether or not your employer or their insurance company has paid or denied you benefits because our experienced, diligent, and compassionate attorneys and staff will help you obtain the maximum monetary award and benefits to which you are entitled to under the law.



What should you do if you get injured at work?

Injured On The Job???

In spite of all the rules and regulations established by the government and the safety measures adopted by employers to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, accidents at work do happen.  Workplace injuries can lead to:

  2. DISABILITY, both temporary and/or permanent;

If you are injured at work, you can limit some of the above repercussions by adopting the following measures:

  • Immediately report your injury to your supervisor, including the time, nature, cause, and place of injury.
  • Seek medical attention and discuss the cause of your injuries with your medical provider, in detail.
  • If you are unable return to work because of your injury, obtain a note from your medical provider indicating that you are to remain off work until further notice.
  • Seek the help of an attorney, The law in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia allows a person to seek the help of an attorney without being charged any fees unless benefits are recovered on your behalf.

You may contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C., where our diligent Workers’ Compensation attorneys will provide you with the necessary advice and assistance to help you get through this difficult situation.  Our knowledgeable attorneys and proficient staff will help you obtain the maximum workers’ compensation benefits allowed by law.

Remember, we will not charge you a fee unless we recover benefits on your behalf.

How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer!!!

Being charged with a crime or arrested for a criminal activity is a nightmare for anyone.  No matter how major or minor your charge is, hiring a competent and professional criminal defense lawyer is not only going to be advantageous to your situation, it is also crucial to your ability to defend yourself against the criminal charges.

A competent criminal defense lawyer not only takes the appropriate steps at the right time to improve the defendant’s situation, there are also times when the outcome of the lawyer’s efforts may even lead to a dismissal of the charges.

Why to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

A person charged with criminal charges can face serious outcomes like imprisonment, a criminal record, losing their present job, and also the future prospects of breaking up relationships and severe punishments.  Hiring a well reputed criminal defense lawyer can save you from all these hazards.


The information mentioned below is what you need to know about hiring a talented and competent criminal defense attorney.


  • It is always best to hire an attorney who specializes in the areas of felonies, misdemeanors, drug charges, white collar crimes, etc.
  • The attorney must have the knowledge and skills to get your criminal charges reduced to a lesser defense as well as to lessen the intensity of your punishment.
  • The attorney should be able to explain and protect your rights in all awkward situations.
  • The attorney should be able to familiarize you with nature of the charges posed against you.
  • The attorney should be well informed, experienced, and familiar with the best possible defenses available in your situation.
  • The attorney must have the knowledge and potential to negotiate with the prosecutors concerning any plea bargains on your behalf.
  • The attorney should be efficient enough to challenge your arrest with regard to probable cause.
  • The attorney should be vigilant concerning the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  • The attorney should be experienced in handling criminal cases similar to yours.
  • The attorney should have substantial knowledge and experience as a defense lawyer because a defense attorney requires special expertise and skills to defend criminal matters.
  • It would be much more beneficial to you, if the attorney you hire has the experience of being a former prosecutor because this experience will enable him to have a well-defined sense of understanding regarding the moves and techniques used by prosecutors which will allow him to easily counter them.
  • Along with being approachable, your attorney should be the one person, who can make you feel comfortable in your communications with judges, prosecutors and juries.
  • The attorney should also be skilled in both negotiations and trials.
  • The attorney should be a State Bar Certified Specialist.
  • The attorney should be the one who keeps you well informed about your court dates, court charges, court locations, bail amount, and any additional services that he thinks you may need.

What are the different sources to find good defense attorneys?

  • Contact the States’ criminal defense lawyer organizations. They either have online directories or provide referral services.
  • Access online directories which provide information about criminal defense lawyers like Find Law and Com.
  • Search State Bar websites or search under Certified Criminal Law Specialists in your county.  They provide you with the best information as they do not certify people for money or promotional purposes.

How much a defense attorney will charge?

The fee charged by a criminal defense attorney depends upon a lot of factors that include:

  • Qualification, rapport, experience, and the track record of a lawyer.
  • Time involved with the case.
  • Charges filed against you.
  • In the case of misdemeanors, fees vary between cities, counties, and states.
  • Most defense lawyers charge their time either hourly or by a flat fee arrangement.
  • Some of them may allow you to set up a payment plan.
  • Some lawyers may charge an upfront retainer fee before they will begin working on your case.

But most crucial of all is to always aim for a written fee agreement, in order to avoid any unexpected confusion in costs.

 Contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer, P.C.

At the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer, P.C. our distinguished and competent criminal defense lawyers, will employ their skills and expertise, to help you to get through this ordeal in your life.  Our efficient attorneys are extremely knowledgeable regarding the crucial pre-trial issues and shall take appropriate measures to improve and strengthen your position in the court.


How to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

A worker is eligible to claim and get workers’ compensation benefits, if they are injured during the course of their job.  However, filing a claim for workers’ compensation is not as easy as pie.  It is a hard nut to crack, as both the employers and insurers are apt to deny most claims.  So, it is always wise to hire the services of a competent and experienced workers’ compensation attorney because only an  experienced professional can provide the advice and help needed to get you out of an awkward situation with the best possible positive outcome.  Therefore, once you have chosen an attorney to represent you, make sure you attend your meeting with him fully prepared (i.e.: bring your bills, medical records, any relevant photos associated with your case, and your witness contact information with you).  This will assist the attorney in their ability to assess your situation and advise you accordingly.

But before making the final decision about the attorney you want to hire, always look for the following options:

  • Always seek out an experienced and savvy attorney. Make sure that the attorney has an ample number of references that you can verify and possesses a list of the settlements that he/she has accomplished.Ask the attorney to provide you with the contact information of his satisfied clients and contact them to confirm the information that has been provided to you.
  • Consider using the services of an attorney who has affiliations with other professional law organizations, like American Association of Justice.
  • Hire a lawyer who benefits from a good rapport in the sector (i.e. among his colleagues and juniors as well).
  • Refer to the list of workers’ compensation attorneys published in the website named AVVO. com. This website weighs or rates the attorneys on the basis of the articles published by them,  their education and experience along with the opinions forwarded by their fellow attorneys and clients as well.
  • Refer to the list of workers’ compensation attorneys published on as this website weighs or rates attorneys on the basis of their published articles, their education, and their experience along with the shared opinions of fellow attorneys and clients.
  • Always aim to hire a local workers’ compensation attorney to handle your case as the rules for workers’ compensation vary from state to state. Only a local attorney can help you understand and navigate your state’s workers’ compensation laws.
  • Consider hiring a lawyer who has adequate knowledge and skills to evaluate the details of your case (i.e.:the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case and to determine the best way to use these details in strengthening and supporting your case) and has the capacity to ensure that you earn the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Consider hiring a lawyer who can represent you at administrative hearings if the insurer refuses to accept your claim.
  • Consider using the directory to search for your local workers’ compensation attorney because it provides attorney specific information which includes their contact details, reviews, and ratings.
  • Another source to consider in your search for a reputable workers’ compensation attorney is the referral services provided by State and local bar associations.
  • You can also ask for recommendations from another lawyer, such as one who handles your other legal matters (i.e.: taxes, real estate, etc.).
  • Before hiring a workers’ compensation attorney, always make sure that you inquire about their billing processes and payment expectations. Most lawyers work on a contingency basis which means that their fee is a set percentage of the proceeds that you will acquire from your claim.
  • Always choose the lawyer who seems to understand your issues and can present you with the best legal advice (i.e.: he should be well-informed about how the law can be advantageous to your situation).
  • Inquire whether the attorney himself will be handling your case and or representing you in courts of law or if his clerks, paralegals, or associate attorneys will be handling your case and representation. Also, if his paralegals are going to represent you in settlement talks and administrative hearingsask about whether they have the knowledge, skills, and ability to handle critical situations.
  • If you are critically injured and do not have the money to sustain yourself, always look for a lawyer who can educate you about alternatives to workers’ compensation that can carry you over while you are waiting for your claim to process and take effect.
  • Always consider the fact that the attorney you hire should be properly assessing your medical costs and rehabilitation costs as they are approved and granted by the state law.

Contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer  P.C. to acquire fair compensation for the difficulties that you have had to contend with due to your work injuries. Our proficient workers’ compensation attorneys will surely help you earn the maximum workers’ compensation benefits for which you are eligible.